Glass cutting in Cambridge

Poster frames

Camframe can cut glass to replace broken picture frame glass. We stock both glass of 3 mm and 5 mm thickness. We also cut plastic glass for child-friendly artworks, and also supply the following.

  1. Plastic glass cut to size
  2. Regular glass cutting service
  3. Non-reflective glass cutting
  4. UV glass
  5. Special UV non-reflective

For valuable artworks we can also supply expensive, UV filtering glass. Just ask!

Before we had a splendid verticle glass cutter/mount cutter we used to cut glass by hand. Cutting glass for small frames was never too difficult nor time-consuming but cutting glass for large frames did result in a lot of wastage.

Cutting glass by hand involves scoring the glass and then praying! Praying that the cut has been scored evenly. Handling large sheets of glass requires a lot of care and respect for one’s own safety and anyone else’s who may be loitering in the work area.

The skill in scoring a long length of glass for a large frame comes with practice but when glass is involved, practice does not make perfect.

To ensure a clean break of glass you must apply pressure evenly along the cut but when one is leaning across the work table with one’s arm outstretched you can imagine how difficult that can be.

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