Picture Mounts UK

How to mount a picture

Mount card has a magical ability to transform even a simple scribble into a beautiful object of desire. Mount card has real power, it’s well known. But not any old mount will do. According to the grandmaster picture framer who taught me, every picture has its mount in waiting and every mount has its picture in waiting! The more I work with mount card the more I understand its magical nature.

Not only do mount-cards have great transformational power they also perform an essential function. Mount card keeps the paper away from the glass which allows air to flow freely across the paper’s surface, which in turn stops the build-up of moisture. In case you didn’t know, moisture doesn’t like paper, it has the rather nasty habit of damaging it.

Mount-card should be PH neutral. Lignin that is not treated and removed will react with the paper and produce acid, and acid doesn’t like paper either, it doesn’t care for beautiful scribbles even if they blemish the paper’s surface with spirit and beauty.

Frames must also not be sealed too tightly so as to restrict the circulation of air. And this is where a skilled pair of framer’s hands can make a difference.

That folks is just another day in the life of a well-put-together common-and-garden, mounted picture in a frame and also an explanation as to why paper turns brown over time.