The best digital photo frames

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Digital photo frames can be bought online and in store. Their prices for the smaller frames are very low and make a perfect option if you just want to pop a photo into a frame in a hurry.

Your bespoke framer often has small odd shaped ready frames or will be all to happy to make you up a small frame out of off-cuts.

Don’t be shy to ask your framer for digital photo frames. You will have a better choice in frame molding and the end product will be of a better finish than your off-the-shelf frame.

Framers are always looking for ways to get rid of old stock and will be happy to make a frame quickly for you even while you wait.

A small digital photo frame can be made in 10 min. It costs the framer much less in terms of time to make a ready frame than it does to complete a frame from start to finish including sealing up and fitting the digital print so they will be very happy to receive this extra work.

Flexibility sits at the heart of the framers psyche, or at least it should. If you ask the framer if they have any off-cuts that would get the price down you will be surprised.

Working as a professional framer for years I even offer that option if I see that the customer is having second thoughts.

Picture framers have to build up a good rapport with their local community. They know that a happy customer is a repeat customer and word travels fast in local areas.