Ready frames made to measure

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Get your bespoke framer to make you ready frames

When we think of ready frames we do not immediately think about your local bespoke picture framer. Wrong! Your local picture framer is a dab hand at making all sorts of frames and is always only to happy to make you some ready frames.

In fact the time taken to finish a frame, to clean the glass and tape up and get it ready for the scrupulous customer is often 50% of the overall time taken.

Picture framers make more of their bread and butter money from bulk framing. Your local framer will be only too pleased to make you some ready frames. They will do you a one-off ready frame and give you a price that will often undercut the price of an off-the-shelf ready frame.

If you have an order of 20 frames for example, the per unit cost can be reduced greatly. The framer will calculate the molding purchase cost and then calculate the time needed to make the frames.

Frame production on any scale larger than one unit is a lot easier.

With less waste and the lower unit cost of ordering a larger volume of molding will allow the price to fall.

If your frames are of the same size the price can be reduced further. Take this into account when ordering your frames, you might be able to tinker with odd sized images to make them all the same size.

The framer does not need to re-calibrate the Morso for every cut. Instead they can cut all the shorts and longs in one go. Even better if the frames are square!


If you need ready frames, contact your local framer. If one does not seem animated try another and you will soon find the framer willing to go the extra length!