Picture frames online

How a picture frame is made

To make a well put together picture frame you need the right equipment.

The Morso is the workhorse in the production well crafted and put together picture frames. The under-pinner, which is used to join the moulding lengths together needs to be sturdy and powerful enough to shoot fastening pins into the hardest of wood mouldings. Oakwood frames are perhaps the most difficult woods to join.

The experienced picture framer will be able to judge how many pins to use in each corner and whether to stack them or not.

Remember, frames often need to be taken apart if pins don’t enter the wood correctly. This is a common occurrence when using hardwood mouldings as the pin has a tendency to follow the grain of the wood and can often end up protruding from the sides of the moulding or pushing the two lengths apart.

The secret is not to make joints that cannot be taken apart. Extracting pins from hardwoods often results in a broken length of moulding. Broken lengths to the framer are like throwing money away.