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A4 Photo And Picture Frames

How to frame a4 photos and pictures.

A4 paper is 297 mm x 210 mm. A3 is twice the size of A4 if you place the long sides side by side. A4 paper is the most common paper size. Our printers print to it and we write our letters on it, but photographs and fine art do not necessarily look right printed on it. Certificates are typically printed on A4 paper and look right dropped straight into A4 photo and picture frames. Good for certificates!

The key to framing and enhancing fine art and photography to a4 photo and picture frame sizes is visual ‘breathing space’. The framer’s motto is, ‘It’s not what you start with but what you end up with.’ 

If an image runs right to the edge of A4 paper adding a mount surrounding the image or even multiple mounts in order to provide some ‘breathing space’ is essential.

Always consider the size of the paper.

Scale and proportion are important design elements in both fine art and photography. Proportion refers to how part of an object relates in scale to another part and artists are trained to use it to create impact in their art.

Novice artists often start drawing a subject at a particular spot without relating the whole to the proportions of the paper. As they work outwards from their starting point the size of the drawing invariably increases and they soon battle to contain the whole within the available paper space. The final result of this mistake is never a satisfactory one. Simply put, they run out of paper.

Through experience, professional artists learn the importance of white space. Often they work on larger paper than at first might seem necessary knowing that their final drawings will look great when dropped into a frame.

All is not lost, however, as the picture framer can come to the rescue by considerng how a photo or drawing can be enhanced by additional white space. Remember, dropping a photo into an A4 frame size just because the paper size is A4 is a copout and definitely a framing nono.

A4 photo and picture frames

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Order your A4 frame from your local picture framer in Cambridge. Personalise your living spaces with original bespoke A4 photo frames.

a4 photo frames
a4 photo frames