A4 frames in Cambridge

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Photos are not usually printed to A4 size. A4 paper is the size of your normal writing paper. 297 MM X 210 MM. It is the size that certificates are often printed to. Children’s art is often made on A4 paper and is ideally suited to popping in an A4 frame without fuss. Yes there are A4 picture frames online but the range of colours available is pretty limited.

Camframe can cut you any A4 frames in a range of colorful and simple plain moldings.  A4 frames are the perfect choice when economy and simplicity and ease are important consideration. If you are framing an A4 paper size and you are considering framing and including a mount card you could choose an A3 frame. A3 is twice the size of A4 when the long sides are placed next to one another. This will give ample room for a mount, but will only work if the A4 paper is not to displayed landscape. When displayed portrait orientation, there is enough room in an A3 frame to accommodate the extra mount space, that is common practice to include at the base of the picture.