A3 clip frames

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Picture framing is a specialist craft. On the surface, framing a picture or artwork looks like a straightforward and simple exercise. To frame a small picture, if taken through the steps one by one, by a professional, is something that anyone can do.  The real art in framing, expresses itself in the difficulty of making frames a profitable business. That requires that the framer, gains enough experience to be able to make frames quickly and without time consuming errors.

Cambridge is a wealthy city with a lively art scene of gallery spaces and Cambridge Open studio artists. They all require good reliable framers within the city walls (If only it had them!).  Artists often have very specific framing requirements, from limed box frames with floated and surface mounted artworks, to small non-profit jobs from the framers perspective. Artists in Cambridge are also looking for picture framers that are able to finish frame commissions quickly and to a high standard of finish and detail.

Get to know your bespoke framer!

Getting to know your framer is easy. Framers are usually pretty genial characters, who spend most of their time on their own in a workshop, and so are easily convinced that its time for a chat. Its important to seek out a good rapport with them if you are looking to have a small job done where there is not much profit for the framer. As a business model, picture framing has small profit margins. Framing is a labor intensive job, there are no short cuts to earning millions.

Every framers wage is limited to the number of frames that they can physically complete in a week. Saying that, the more work you bring the framer the more conducive they will be to giving you, off cuts and mount card that would normally be thrown away.