Large photo frames

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Large photo frames if one is referring to the width of the molding are not something that can be purchased cheaply and off-the-shelf. Yes, many molding shapes are manufactured but without knowing of which supplier sells which frame and without access to the catalogs its a tricky business to select the appropriate molding for your photo.

Large photo frame suppliers

Your local picture framer, with in-depth knowledge of suppliers should be able to order you a molding at a very reasonable price. Don’t forget your local framer wants your business and will be only too willing to offer advice even if you only want to order a frame and not have it assembled too.

Buying online frames

Online there are many frames for sale but it is a risky business buying something without first having set it next to your photo to see if it works aesthetically and stylistically or not.

The best advice I can give is to ask you local framer for help in choosing a molding and let the framer order it for you.

Swept frames are produced in set sizes. Remember there are many moldings that are just as elaborate that can be cut to your exact size needs!