Deep box frames

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Box framing is a very attractive framing method. It is used primarily when the artwork or object being framed has a bulk that would otherwise mean it would be pressing against the glass. For example, football shirts are usually framed this way.

There are two methods commonly employed.

  1. Frame without a surround mount, and instead float mount or surface mount the picture.
  2. Frame with a surround mount that sits against the glass with the picture sitting back. This gives a nice shadow effect.

Fine art works are often floated or surface mounted. The glass is separated from the picture by strips of wood or mount card stuck on to foam board of 3 mm or 5 mm depth depending on the rebate of the molding used.

Box framing is an ideal choice if your artwork is on watercolour paper and you wish the attractive edge of the paper to be exposed.

The end result is always satisfying as the frame has greater depth than normal frames and gives the artwork a greater physical presence.