Picture frame equipment

Running a picture framing business requires a variety of equipment to create custom frames for artwork and photographs. Some of the basic equipment that is needed to start a picture framing business includes a mat cutter, frame cutter, glass cutter, saw, and other basic tools such as a ruler, level, and tape measure. As the … Continue reading “Picture frame equipment”

How to float mount a flag.

Floating mounting a flag is a technique used to display a flag in a shadowbox or display case without the need for a traditional mounting method such as sewing or gluing the flag to a backing board. This method allows the flag to appear as if it is “floating” within the frame, creating a unique … Continue reading “How to float mount a flag.”

How to frame memorabilia

Framing memorabilia is a great way to preserve and display cherished items from your past. Whether it’s a jersey from your favorite sports team, a concert poster from a memorable concert, or a special family photo, there are several methods for framing memorabilia that can help protect and showcase these items for years to come. … Continue reading “How to frame memorabilia”

Buy 5×7 picture frames

5×7 picture frames are a popular size for framing photographs, prints, and other small works of art. These frames are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from the living room to the office. They are also a great option for those who want to create a gallery wall with multiple framed … Continue reading “Buy 5×7 picture frames”