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Framing a certificate is usually quite straight forward. Certificates usually sit very well in plain black, brown or wooden frames. There are several excellent elegant frames on the market, from very narrow plain frames to more ornate frames with gold or silver inlays.

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Looking for ready frames in Cambridge? Look no further. At Camframe we offer a comprehensive ready frame service ideal for individual frames and bulk framing jobs.

Our ready frame service includes the following.

  1. Ready frames
  2. Bespoke framing
  3. A2 poster frames
  4. A1 poster frames
  5. Wooden poster frames
  6. Black, white, grey and silver ready frames

Just give us a ring and get your ready frame made – even while you wait!

Choosing the right ready frame

Picture frames online

Is it easy to choose the wrong frame when buying picture frames online?
This question was posed to me recently and the answer is more complex than a simple yes or no! It really depends on what size of frame, what budget and if you have a very good idea of the type of molding you are after.

For example, framing a certificate is pretty straight forward. There are a few standard frames that are conditioned by convention and norms of presenting certificates and that makes it pretty straight forward decision. Gold wooden frames are very suitable, for example. Certificates are usually printed onto A4 paper and standard sized frames are as common as mud online!

Then there are black and white photographs and they are perfectly suited to black, white or silver frames and they are easy enough to source.

Choosing the right frame online is more problematic for fine art paintings and large pictures or photos.  These will require a more robust molding, not only to support the weight of glass and artwork, but also because size usually dictates for reasons of balance the need for a wider molding type.

You can get away with poor molding choices on small pictures, especially if you take the conservative route and stick to plain moldings. The problem arises when you are about to spend well over £100 on a frame choice and you don’t want to get it wrong!

Framing can be expensive, there are some very wonderful ornate and beautifully made frames and they do not come cheap.  Ordering one of these frames online can be a daunting prospect.  It would be far better to go to your local framer and to take time making the right choice.

Your local framer will not stock samples all of the frames under the sun but they usually have the major suppliers catalogs on hand to browse through.

Ask the framer to send for a sample and arrange to return to check the molding against your artwork.  It is always best not to be in a rush.  The picture framer will be only too happy to take time getting it right as they also do not want to buy in several lengths of the most expensive molding on earth to find that it is not what you are looking for.

In my experience it is the artwork that will always choose its own frame and that becomes evident when the customer and the framer put their heads together to help a solution to reveal itself. Team work will always come up with something, so work with the framer to go through and eliminate options.

Choosing a frame for a painting

Picture framing online

Choosing a frame for a painting is an art. As soon as you think you know what you want as a frame the sooner you will be confounded when you actually try frame samples against your artwork.

Of course choosing a frame for a certificate or a black and white photograph is easier. Black and white photographs dictate a more limited framing choice, basically to white, cream or black. Framing a certificate falls within certain norms of framing moulding choice. Usually a thin, black, gold or thin ornate silver frame will work well.

Choosing a frame for a fine artwork is more tricky. Each artwork requires original and unique framing solutions. It is also necessary to decide on what you are trying to say with your framing choice.

Is it a modern artwork, is it cutting edge, do you wish to make a large or more discreet statement about the artwork? All these questions will be answered as soon as you enter into a dialogue with the artwork by testing out mount colours and frames.

Of course it is also important to know where the artwork will hang. How you will transport it if it becomes too large to fin in your average car and lastly how much you wish to spend.

Framing photographs

Picture framing online

Black and white photographs usually demand either a black or white or silver frame. To introduce a colour into the frame or the mount only distract the eye and the viewer sight will be drawn towards the colour before the photograph and this is not good framing practice.

A good picture framer will be aware of how the viewers eye behaves when looking at an artwork. The last thing you want is the viewer to admire the frame and not the artwork! Although that can often be the case!!!

The coolness or warmth of the photograph will have to be balanced or countered with a white mount that is either warm or cool in tint. White mounts come on a complete range of tints from pink in the warm range to blue in the cool and it will be a matter of testing each one against the photograph to get it right.

Colour photographs can be framed in coloured frames. The quality of gloss or mat finish of the photograph will dictate the type of frame. Photographs can be framed in many individual ways by floating or surface mounting is not usual.