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Mouldings are constantly being discontinued with only the most popular securing market longevity.

Artists are quite punctilious customers when choosing mouldings for their own art but their favourites without a doubt are plain wooden frames.

Plain wooden frames are as popular today as they were 100 years ago. They are a safe choice for framing fine art paintings.

Perhaps the most popular wooden moulding for contemporary paintings on canvas or board is a thin wooden hockey moulding. Its profile is deep enough to cover the sides of a canvas and when viewed from the front will not distract a viewer’s appreciation of the painting.

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Graduation photography framing. Choose from a great range of moulding samples for all Cambridge graduation photographs.

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Box framing is a very attractive framing method that is often used for bulky objects like football shirts.

There are two methods commonly used.

  1. Framing without a surrounding mount (the artwork is kept away from the glass by spacers, strips of wood or strips of mount card attached to foam board.)
  2. Framing with a surrounding mount pressed against the glass (the artwork sits back and away from the glass resulting in a pleasing shadow cast from the mount over the artwork.)

Surface mounting is also particularly suited to framing works of art on handcrafted watercolour paper.

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Even if your picture is square the picture framer will add an extra 5 mil to the width of the mount card at bottom of the picture. This is a common practice to stop the picture from optically appearing as if it were falling towards the viewer and to compensate for any imprecision in the cutting of the frame. When cutting a frame, framers allow enough wriggle-room for ease of putting together and taking apart. A common practice is to cut the frame a few mils larger than the sandwich of glass, mount card and backing board. The rebates of mouldings differ, some have a rebate of up to five millimetres. The picture when sitting in a frame will sit on the bottom length.  If the extra 5 mills are not added to the bottom of the mount card the mount will disproportionately lose width on the bottom, which will amplify the feeling that the frame is falling forwards the viewer.

The ready made frame

Custom frames UK

It is true, frames bought online are cheaper than bespoke framing solutions, and are also produced in many standard sizes and a variety of mouldings. However, you will not find a non-standard-sized ready frame for a non-standard-sized picture, and will have to use a bespoke framing service. Picture framing is a labour-intensive business and prices are higher. Actually, cutting a frame doesn’t take long. Cutting a mount, cleaning the glass, taping up, inspecting for dust, removing dust, taping the picture into the mount, filling corners, etc, takes the time, and probably amounts to about 70% of the total time needed to finish a frame properly.

There is another solution though. Camframe will cut your ready frames to your specs and at an equivalent price to frames brought online. We also provide a same day framing service depending on whether we have the moulding in stock.

Cheap photo frames

Custom frames UK

Cheap photo frames UK are for sale in store in most cities and online.  Getting the choice of frame you are looking for an be more time consuming that asking your local picture framer to make you up a photo frame.

Camframe can make you cheap photo frames and at the exact size you need and in the moulding that will be the right choice for your photo!


Metal frames

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Metal frames are generally speaking about 30% more costly than your average picture frame. Metal frames have to be ordered in cut to the required size of the picture. Camframe does not keep them in stock, but we do have samples for ordering purposes. Metal frames are suitable for photographic works which might be hung in a corporate office environment.

Enhancing the art

Picture frames online

Frames are meant to enhance art not detract from it. Making the right frame choice takes time.

Picture frames

Picture frames online

A picture frame is a decorative surround edge, usually made of wood that is used to enhance and protect an artwork. Together with the mount and glass, their job is to protect exhibited artworks from environmental damage. Environmental damage can be caused by acid, damp and light. Artworks stored under normal humidity conditions away from light and separated by acid free paper will retain their original condition for longer.

Framing a picture to preservation standards requires the making of an acid free sandwich in which the artwork is not exposed or in contact with acid.

Acid damage

Acid is a byproduct of the breakdown of lignin. Lignin is present as a binder in all wood. Mount card that is made from wood potentially contains Lignin. Today, most quality mount cards have been chemically treated to remove lignin and are consequently pH neutral. Manufacturers guarantee that the core of “white core card” will stay white for 25 years. Studies have shown that today’s PH neutral materials, used by all good framers, will last up to 100 years without perceivable acid damage.

The tell-tale signs of acid damage in older framed artworks can be seen by a brown staining of paper, a browning of the mountcard’s bevel edge and a brittleness of the paper. These are a thing of the past, however, as most materials today are PH neutral, so its not really a concern.

If you are concerned about the preservation of an artwork on paper, ask your framer about cotton based mountcards, more costly, but they will add a degree of longevity to an artwork’s preservation.

Museum grade mountcard

Museum grade mountcard made from cotton fibre is truly acid free, more expensive, but will last much longer.
The framers job is to ensure that your artwork can.

  1. Be extracted at a later date in its original condition
  2. The frame and mount are put together with PH neutral materials, or acid-free.
  3. The picture can be restored to its original state. By that I mean, it has not been cut down, had irremovable glue or tape attached to it or has been damaged in any way.

Framing photographs

Picture framing online

Black and white photographs usually demand either a black or white or silver frame. To introduce a colour into the frame or the mount only distract the eye and the viewer sight will be drawn towards the colour before the photograph and this is not good framing practice.

A good picture framer will be aware of how the viewers eye behaves when looking at an artwork. The last thing you want is the viewer to admire the frame and not the artwork! Although that can often be the case!!!

The coolness or warmth of the photograph will have to be balanced or countered with a white mount that is either warm or cool in tint. White mounts come on a complete range of tints from pink in the warm range to blue in the cool and it will be a matter of testing each one against the photograph to get it right.

Colour photographs can be framed in coloured frames. The quality of gloss or mat finish of the photograph will dictate the type of frame. Photographs can be framed in many individual ways by floating or surface mounting is not usual.