Art frames

Framing fine art is more complex than framing a poster or a certificate. The artist usually will want to play a role in the decision. All will depend on what the artist concludes is the message they wish to communicate with the art frame choice. Artists often choose plain wooden frames. Fine art requires that … Continue reading “Art frames”

Graduation photography Cambridge

Graduation photography framing. Choose from a great range of framing options for all Cambridge graduation photographs. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Deep box frames

Box framing is a very attractive framing method. It is used primarily when the artwork or object being framed has a bulk that would otherwise mean it would be pressing against the glass. For example, football shirts are usually framed this way. There are two methods commonly employed. Frame without a surround mount, and instead float mount or … Continue reading “Deep box frames”

Square picture frames uk

Square picture frames are a very attractive format for framing.  Obviously photographs or artworks need to be square! Your picture framer however should add an extra 5 mil to the mount at bottom of the picture. This is common procedure for two reasons. Framing needs to have wriggle-room to allow the glass and artworks to … Continue reading “Square picture frames uk”

The ready made frame

By far the cheapest way to get a picture framed is to buy a ready frame in store or online. Ready frames are produced in many standard sizes and mouldings. All sounds rosy until you need to frame a picture that does not fit into any of the standard sized ready frames available online in … Continue reading “The ready made frame”

Cheap photo frames

Cheap photo frames UK are for sale in store in most cities and online.  Getting the choice of frame you are looking for an be more time consuming that asking your local picture framer to make you up a photo frame. Camframe can make you cheap photo frames and at the exact size you need and … Continue reading “Cheap photo frames”

Metal frames

Metal frames are generally about 30% more than your average frame price. Metal frames are ordered in, ready cut to the size of the picture. We do not stock them but have samples of metal frames that we can order. Metal frames are a good choice of frame for photograpic works that might be hung … Continue reading “Metal frames”

Enhancing the art

You should aim to choose a frame that will enhance your art piece but not detract from it. Take your time to try different corner samples against your artwork. You will know when a frame ‘works’ because it will look right and ‘in balance’ i.e. you don’t want a very wide red frame to go … Continue reading “Enhancing the art”

Picture frame

A picture frame is a decorative surround edge, usually made of wood that is used to enhance and protect an artwork. Together with the mount and glass they are there to protect exhibited artworks from environmental damage. Examples of environmental damage are acid, damp and light. Artworks that are stored under normal humidity conditions away … Continue reading “Picture frame”