Buy square picture frames

Square frames are a popular choice for framing artwork, photographs, and other types of visual media. One of the key characteristics of square frames is their symmetrical shape, which can add a sense of balance and harmony to the overall composition. Square frames come in a variety of styles and materials, from sleek and modern … Continue reading “Buy square picture frames”

Ready frame places in Cambridge

Looking for ready frames in Cambridge? Look no further. At Camframe we offer a comprehensive ready frame service ideal for individual frames and bulk framing jobs. Our ready frame service includes the following. Ready frames Bespoke framing A2 poster frames A1 poster frames Wooden poster frames Black, white, grey and silver ready frames Just give … Continue reading “Ready frame places in Cambridge”

Ready frames Ely Cambridge

Ely and Littleport ready frames. Camframe are situated in the hub of Cambridge and provide all framing services for Cambridge and surrounding cities and towns such as Ely and Littleport. A short hop from Ely Cambridgeshire makes ordering a ready frame from Camframe a great option. If driving in from Ely, though Littleport, Camframe are … Continue reading “Ready frames Ely Cambridge”

Buy A3 poster frames

A3 poster frames are frames that are designed to hold and display posters or other large-format prints in the A3 size. The A3 size is a standard international paper size that measures 297 millimeters by 420 millimeters, or about 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches. A3 poster frames are typically larger than standard picture frames and … Continue reading “Buy A3 poster frames”