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Camframe can supply all frame hanging hooks and screws, wire and cord and advise on all picture hanging methods and systems.

Cheap artists websites in Cambridge

Cambridge business directory

Today professional and even hobbyist artists need websites. They have become the easiest way to direct any interested client to view more artworks. Truly a modern-day business card and something no serious artists should go without.

Cambridge artist websites

The number of options that are available can be overawing to the not-so-tech-savvy. Prices can vary considerably for what is essentially the same product.

The idea of buying domains, web hosting space and design and content management and then on top the need to do it all right so that you have some chance that your website will even appear in Google searches, can be too much.

It’s easy to get things wrong at the beginning and end up with domains that go no-where, a half-finished website and a website that is not fit for purpose.

As an artists myself I need to talk to like-minded but knowledgeable people about the steps. Wotwebsite are really the best people to talk to about artists websites and their set up as they are artists themselves.

They can marry the technical side with the sensitive needs of artists to create websites that are simple, classy, artistic and most important of all, self managed.

A self-managed artists site means that the artists is freed from the financial grasp of the webmaster and can upload images and content when they like.

WordPress has proved over the years to be by far the most intuitive and stable platform for a whole range of website needs.

Cheap poster frames

Poster frames

Posters do not come in standard sizes. Many posters do fit A2, A1 size frames but many don’t.

At Camframe we can cut you standard sized A1, A2 size poster frames and also cut frames to fit any poster frame size.

Limited edition posters, especially fine art posters are often printed in odd sizes.

Before ordering an online poster frame measure the exact size of the poster. If you cannot find a frame that is an exact fit, Camframe will cut one for you!

Cambridge artists websites

Cambridge business directory

If you are looking for a website to showcase your art we recommend Wotwebsite.co.uk to set up and run your website on a WordPress platform. These guys are really easy to deal with and can meet you in Cambridge to discuss whatever it is you need.

We have used their service several times and have found them to be expert in all aspects of WordPress websites. They have extremely competitive rates for partial and complete website set up including populating of content and images.

Visit them here Cambridge website design

How a picture frame is made

Picture frames online

To make a well put together picture frame you need the right equipment.

The Morso is the workhorse in the production well crafted and put together picture frames. The under-pinner, which is used to join the moulding lengths together needs to be sturdy and powerful enough to shoot fastening pins into the hardest of wood mouldings. Oakwood frames are perhaps the most difficult woods to join.

The experienced picture framer will be able to judge how many pins to use in each corner and whether to stack them or not.

Remember, frames often need to be taken apart if pins don’t enter the wood correctly. This is a common occurrence when using hardwood mouldings as the pin has a tendency to follow the grain of the wood and can often end up protruding from the sides of the moulding or pushing the two lengths apart.

The secret is not to make joints that cannot be taken apart. Extracting pins from hardwoods often results in a broken length of moulding. Broken lengths to the framer are like throwing money away.

Free parking picture framing

Picture frames online

Camframe is located just off Coldhams lane within easy reach of the Cambridge city centre.

There is no danger of getting a parking ticket while you choose a moulding. Just pull up and enjoy FREE parking at the front of St Barnabas press.

Parking in Cambridge is notoriously difficult and there are no other picture framers in Cambridge with on-site parking. Our framers are there to help and will offer the best advice on picture framing complex and simple.