Large picture frames

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Sourcing good quality large picture frames is not easy. Yes, you can purchase them online, but their quality and finish will be unknown until you receive them.

Buying large picture frames from your local picture framer is the best option. Choosing a picture frame is like trying on clothes, it’s time-consuming,  it’s individual, so personal and a trial-by-error task and the cost of the time taken is covered by the picture framer.

Camframe will cut frames to any size and take time to get it right.

Give us a ring or drop us a line and we will be happy to offer a competitive quote. Just bring in your artwork and together we can choose the right frame.

Our art school trained framers will guide you through the process.

5×7 picture frames

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A 5×7 picture frame is designed for today’s photos, the size 5×7 relating to the size of the window in the mount card and not the frame size. The overall frame size will depend on the width of the surrounding mount card.

Why not drop by to discuss your framing requirements and see how your 5×7 photos can be enhanced with our wide range of mouldings.

How to measure a photo correctly

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This is how you calculate the overall measurements of a frame. A simple guide for measuring a photo.

Lay your picture on a flat work surface and check it is square with a set square. Measure both the parallel and vertical sides and take the shortest measurement as your picture size.

To get the final window size you need to subtract 5 mils from both the top and sides.

The size of the frame is the sum of the size of the picture plus the width of its surrounding mount card, which by convention, is typically between 45 mils and 50 mils for an average-sized artwork.

Then add an extra 5 mil to the vertical measurement of the surrounding mount card to get the final size of the framed picture excluding the width of the moulding chosen.

Framing fine art

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Mouldings are constantly being discontinued with only the most popular securing market longevity.

Artists are quite punctilious customers when choosing mouldings for their own art but their favourites without a doubt are plain wooden frames.

Plain wooden frames are as popular today as they were 100 years ago. They are a safe choice for framing fine art paintings.

Perhaps the most popular wooden moulding for contemporary paintings on canvas or board is a thin wooden hockey moulding. Its profile is deep enough to cover the sides of a canvas and when viewed from the front will not distract a viewer’s appreciation of the painting.

Top tip to cut perfect corners with the morso guillotine cutter

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A Morso guillotine cutter is standard industry equipment picture framers use to cut corner joints of frames. Like all machine tools, it is only as good as the craftsperson is skilled at using it. Cutting flush corners with the Morso is never a function of the framer’s calf muscle strength.

When I started framing I couldn’t understand why my first corners were not meeting flush. My framing teacher couldn’t explain why either. It took me a lot of analysis to work it out and the solution turned out to be rather simple.

A framer’s natural instinct is to be economical with moulding and so when they make their first cut into a length of moulding they try to shave off as little as possible from one end.

A Morso has two very sharp cutting blades. The inner cutting surface is flat and the outer surface curved. To achieve a clean cut the framer needs to use both cutting blades to make the first cut.

If only one blade is used to make the cut the length of moulding is not secured by the other blade and as the outer cutting blade’s surface is curved the length of moulding moves a little in the direction of least resistance as the guillotine makes the cut.

That folks explains why the two cut surfaces of joints are often not flush. One of the cut edges has a slight curve in it as a result of the lateral movement of the moulding. Some wastage is therefore inevitable and desirable.

To sum it all up, instead of making the first cut with only one cutting blade picture framers should use both blades to make the first cut.

A4 frames in Cambridge

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It is uncommon for photographs to be printed on A4 size paper. A4 paper is, 297 mm X 210 mm. Certificates are often printed on A4 paper.

Camframe stocks a range of colourful and plain mouldings ideally suited to A4 size frames.  A3 is twice the size of A4 when the long sides are placed next to one another. Order your A4 frame from Picture framers Cambridge.

Large photo frames

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Large decorative picture frames can be sourced online but if you are looking for a unique moulding profile you will need to consult with your local picture framer.

They have supplier’s catalogues and should be only too happy to browse through them with you, and what’s more, they can order a sample so you can test it next to your artwork. You will be surprised how many mouldings framers don’t stock or display.

Swept frames are produced in standard sizes and cannot be cut down to fit non-standard sizes!

The cheapest way to source antique mouldings is from flea markets and car boot sales. With a few friendly smiles directed at your local picture framer, you can turn them into modern shabby chic frames.

So, the frame you purchased at a flea market should cost you no more than five bob, but the corners are as open as the English channel. Take the frame along to a local picture framer, and ask them to re-cut the corner joints and put the frame back together. That should cost no more than ten pounds.

Now that the frame has been put back together and is sturdy, give it an undercoat and a final finish with a coat of acrylic matt or gloss paint. To give the frame a contemporary feel I would suggest the use of strong and bright colours. There you have it, a pricey frame hanging on your wall for under twenty pounds. Shuu, don’t tell!

Top 4 tips to choose the perfect frame for your picture

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Bespoke framing can be both expensive and also reasonably priced depending on the choice of frame and the complexity of the framing method. It is important therefore to take time getting the right choice of frame. Below I will expand on the following;

  1. What is the message you are trying to convey about the framed piece?
  2. Is the artwork contemporary or traditional?
  3.  Where will it hang?
  4.  How much you want to spend?

Need to frame a picture in Cambridge?

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There are fewer picture framers in Cambridge today than at any recent time. Retirement has seen to a few recently. Over 20 years of providing picture framing services within the city of Cambridge, Camframe looks forward to continuing to provide a complete bespoke framing service in Cambridgeshire for the foreseeable future.

Camframe is based at St Barnabas Press, a thriving artists printing and studio space. It’s the go-to place for advice on all framing solutions.

Certificate frames Cambridge

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Framing a certificate is usually quite straight forward. Certificates usually sit very well in plain black, brown or wooden frames. There are several excellent elegant frames on the market, from very narrow plain frames to more ornate frames with gold or silver inlays.