Cambridge local news

Mill Road TV is a great place to find news relevant to Mill Rd Cambridge. Run from their studio space in Mill rd, just over the bridge on the left, they help to connect the Mill Road community via the medium of video. Interesting videos of local artists and craftspeople and news of local events … Continue reading “Cambridge local news”

Large picture frames

Getting your hands on good quality large picture frames is a problem. Yes you can purchase online but do you really know the quality and the finish of the frame you are buying. There has been a revolution in online buying habits but returning a large frame if you are not happy will be a costly … Continue reading “Large picture frames”

5×7 picture frames

The 5×7 picture frame is designed for today’s photos. The size 5×7 is the size of the opening in the mountcard and not the frame size. The overall frame size will differ depending on the mountcard width surrounding the opening. The beauty of having your frames cut to fit 5×7 at Camframe is that you get to … Continue reading “5×7 picture frames”

Art frames

Framing fine art is more complex than framing a poster or a certificate. The artist usually will want to play a role in the decision. All will depend on what the artist concludes is the message they wish to communicate with the art frame choice. Artists often choose plain wooden frames. Fine art requires that … Continue reading “Art frames”

Help with your website

Have you a problem with your website. Has it stopped working. Do you have the white screen of death? Do you have a minor change you want to make? I can help. With years of experience developing WordPress websites, there is not much that I cannot fix and help with. Simply pay per hour, highly … Continue reading “Help with your website”

Art directory

Wotartist Art directory is an online art resource. An excellent place to find short concise observations on what it is like to be an artist, technique and more. Online since 2006 it has quite a history promoting artists. Artists can create portfolios to promote their work and write about technique and their unique experiences to promote their … Continue reading “Art directory”

Art blogging website

As an artist, I am always on the lookout for art related websites. Like a scavenging fox, I come out at night and browse the web in the silent shadows of the empty streets! I came across this website the other day. Art quotes and thought I would write a little something about it. It … Continue reading “Art blogging website”