Picture hanging system

Camframe can supply all frame hanging hooks and screws, wire and cord and advise on all picture hanging methods and systems.

White picture frames

White frame are very attractive for framing anything from fine artworks to photographs. As a professional picture framer I would always choose a brushed finish white frame over the high gloss frames. High gloss white frames are easily scuffed and any scuff will stand out.  The gloss finish is also easily chipped and joining the corners … Continue reading “White picture frames”

Deep box frames

Box framing is a very attractive framing method. It is used primarily when the artwork or object being framed has a bulk that would otherwise mean it would be pressing against the glass. For example, football shirts are usually framed this way. There are two methods commonly employed. Frame without a surround mount, and instead float mount or … Continue reading “Deep box frames”

Cheap picture frames

A picture frame is a decorative surround edge, usually made of wood that is used to enhance and protect artworks. Together with the mount and glass they protect exhibited artworks from environmental damage. Examples of environmental damage are acid, damp and light. Artworks that are stored under normal humidity conditions away from light and separated … Continue reading “Cheap picture frames”

Large photo frames

Any framer worth their weight in gold should be conversant with conservation framing methods. Being able to tell the difference between Museum mount board and Conservation Mount card and when to use them is essential to their craft. They absolutely must know the best way to protect valuable works from environmental damage. They should know when … Continue reading “Large photo frames”

A3 clip frames

Picture framing is a specialist craft. On the surface, framing a picture or artwork looks like a straightforward and simple exercise. To frame a small picture, if taken through the steps one by one, by a professional, is something that anyone can do.  The real art in framing, expresses itself in the difficulty of making … Continue reading “A3 clip frames”

Framed pictures uk

Looking to have a picture framed in the UK? I have just checked the prices for ordering a simple frame online. I made an order for a A4 frame in a simple white frame. Excluding VAT and delivery it came out at 45 UK pounds!!! Arguuueee!!! Thais pretty expensive isnt it! I would suggest you … Continue reading “Framed pictures uk”

Picture frame sizes

The picture frames you can buy online or in store come in a variety of standard picture frame sizes. These frames usually include a mount. It is the aperture size of the mount that is cut to fit standard photo sizes. Standard sizes for A sized frames. A4 is standard writing paper size. Usually certificates … Continue reading “Picture frame sizes”