Large picture frames

If you are looking for Large picture frames in the UK and online you might want to consider asking your local picture framer for a quote before ordering. Choosing a frame is like choosing clothes. You are making an aesthetic judgment about style and compatibility and its right to want to get it right! Buying any large … Continue reading “Large picture frames”

Large photo frames

Any framer worth their weight in gold should be conversant with conservation framing methods. Being able to tell the difference between Museum mount board and Conservation Mount card and when to use them is essential to their craft. They absolutely must know the best way to protect valuable works from environmental damage. They should know when … Continue reading “Large photo frames”

Framed pictures uk

Looking to have a picture framed in the UK? I have just checked the prices for ordering a simple frame online. I made an order for a A4 frame in a simple white frame. Excluding VAT and delivery it came out at 45 UK pounds!!! Arguuueee!!! Thais pretty expensive isnt it! I would suggest you … Continue reading “Framed pictures uk”

Picture frame sizes

The picture frames you can buy online or in store come in a variety of standard picture frame sizes. These frames usually include a mount. It is the aperture size of the mount that is cut to fit standard photo sizes. Standard sizes for A sized frames. A4 is standard writing paper size. Usually certificates … Continue reading “Picture frame sizes”

Custom picture frames

Camframe are the first port of call if you are looking for Custom picture frames in Cambridgshire. We can supply you with expert advice on all framing solutions. If you are looking for bulk framing jobs, we can supply frames made-to-measure at very competitive rates. Just give us a ring to discuss your requirements.

Cheap poster frames

How long will my picture frame take to be done? Well, as long as it takes is the answer. You can get a framer to do the job in any timescale. You are the customer and they seem to be always right. The picture framer often even if overloaded with work, is happy to go … Continue reading “Cheap poster frames”