Art frames

Framing fine art is more tricky than framing a poster or a certificate. The artist usually will want to play an inclusive role in the choice. All will depend on what the artist determines is the message that they wish to convey with the art frame choice. Artists choose plain wooden frames for an obvious … Continue reading “Art frames”

Large photo frames

Large photo frames if one is referring to the width of the molding are not something that can be purchased cheaply and off-the-shelf. Yes, many molding shapes are manufactured but without knowing of which supplier sells which frame and without access to the catalogs its a tricky business to select the appropriate molding for your photo. Large … Continue reading “Large photo frames”

Large picture frames

If you are looking for Large picture frames in the UK and online you might want to consider asking your local picture framer for a quote before ordering. Choosing a frame is like choosing clothes. You are making an aesthetic judgment about style and compatibility and its right to want to get it right! Buying any large … Continue reading “Large picture frames”

White photo frames

Before you contract the framers to make the frame for you it is a good idea to have a rough idea of what you want. Picture frames can vary dramatically in cost and there is no way you will get a frame made cheaply if you have a large or ornate molding in mind. The cheapest … Continue reading “White photo frames”

Large photo frames

A framer that is worth his weight in gold should be conversant with conservation framing methods, like knowing the difference between Museum mount board and Conservation Mount card and when or not to use them. They will need to know how to make sure a valuable work of art is protected from environmental damage, such as … Continue reading “Large photo frames”

A3 white frames

Your local picture framer is sinking in off-cuts. They are sinking in molding. Space is a premium to the framer. They have to manage their stock in the space they have. If the framer is blessed with a large warehouse to keep old lengths of moldings then they are in no mood to let you … Continue reading “A3 white frames”

Square picture frames uk

Square picture frames are a very attractive format for framing.  Obviously photographs or artworks need to be square! Your picture framer however should add an extra 5 mil to the mount at bottom of the picture. This is common procedure for two reasons. Framing needs to have wriggle-room to allow the glass and artworks to … Continue reading “Square picture frames uk”