Bespoke mount cutting

Camframe will cut a mount for you. We cut multiple window mounts which are idea if you are framing something that needs a title or dedication below. Please ring or visit and we can cut the mount while you wait if we have the mountcard in stock.

Wooden mouldings

Camframe stocks and can obtain any beautiful wooden frame you need. We stock some great arty wooden frames that are ideal for the fine art piece. Wooden frames sit very harmoniously with pastel works, soft and atmospheric photographic works and a wooden hockey moulding is great as a simple solution for framing a canvas.

Enhancing the art

You should aim to choose a frame that will enhance your art piece but not detract from it. Take your time to try different corner samples against your artwork. You will know when a frame ‘works’ because it will look right and ‘in balance’ i.e. you don’t want a very wide red frame to go … Continue reading “Enhancing the art”

Framing drawings

Although drawings are traditionally mounted, they can also be floated or surface mounted. All delicate materials such as paper need to be kept away from the glass. The attractive edge of watercolor paper often demands exposure and floating and surface mounting are great options. In the case of floating watercolors a box frame solution is … Continue reading “Framing drawings”