Picture framing ideas

Picture framing is not just about putting a picture in a frame, it’s about creating an imaginative and visually pleasing solution that enhances the artwork. There are a variety of picture framing ideas and imaginative solutions that can be used to create a unique and interesting display for artwork and photographs. One of the most … Continue reading “Picture framing ideas”

How to repair a picture frame

Picture frame repair is an important aspect of preserving artwork and photographs. Over time, frames can become damaged due to factors such as moisture, UV light, and general wear and tear. The repair process can range from simple fixes, such as replacing broken glass, to more complex repairs, such as restoring an antique frame. One … Continue reading “How to repair a picture frame”

Picture frame equipment

Running a picture framing business requires a variety of equipment to create custom frames for artwork and photographs. Some of the basic equipment that is needed to start a picture framing business includes a mat cutter, frame cutter, glass cutter, saw, and other basic tools such as a ruler, level, and tape measure. As the … Continue reading “Picture frame equipment”

Picture frame workshop

Order in the picture frame workshop is essential for efficient and high-quality work. A well-organized and clean workshop not only makes for a more pleasant working environment, but it also reduces the risk of errors and mistakes. A disorganized workshop can lead to wasted time, lost materials, and even damage to the artwork. The first … Continue reading “Picture frame workshop”

Picture framing as a business

Picture framing is a business that involves creating and selling custom frames for artwork and photographs. The process of picture framing includes selecting the appropriate frame and matting, cutting the matting to size, and assembling the frame with the artwork. Picture framing can be done for both personal use and for commercial use, such as … Continue reading “Picture framing as a business”