5×7 picture frames

The 5×7 picture frame is designed for today’s photos. The size 5×7 is the size of the opening in the mountcard and not the frame size. The overall frame size will differ depending on the mountcard width surrounding the opening. The beauty of having your frames cut to fit 5×7 at Camframe is that you get to … Continue reading “5×7 picture frames”

A4 frames in Cambridge

It is uncommon for photographs to be printed on A4 size paper. A4 paper is, 297 mm X 210 mm. Certificates are often printed on A4 paper. Camframe has a range of colourful and simple plain mouldings that are ideally suited to A4 size.  A3 is twice the size of A4 when the long sides … Continue reading “A4 frames in Cambridge”

White picture frames

White frame are very attractive for framing anything from fine artworks to photographs. As a professional picture framer I would always choose a brushed finish white frame over the high gloss frames. High gloss white frames are easily scuffed and any scuff will stand out.  The gloss finish is also easily chipped and joining the corners … Continue reading “White picture frames”

Black picture frames

Black picture frames are one of the most multi-purpose picture frame used today. They are manufactured in a range of finishes and widths, from high gloss finishes to mat wood stained finishes. Black frames are a perfect choice for framing black and white photographs of all subject matter, certificates and most holiday snaps too. Don’t be … Continue reading “Black picture frames”

Ornate picture frames

There are many reasons that you might like to buy an Ornate picture frame. When I talk about ornate frames I am referring to swept frames that might resemble frames found in museums. These types of frames would look pretty incongruous on a modern painting but work well when the painting is painted in a style that … Continue reading “Ornate picture frames”

A3 poster frame

A3 is double the size of A4. It is a popular frame size. A3 size = 297 mm X 420 mm or 29.7 x 42.0cm or 11.69 x 16.53 inches. There are no standard poster sizes.  Printed material can be printed to any size the client requires. The closest poster size to A3 is 11 x … Continue reading “A3 poster frame”

Cheap photo frames

Cheap photo frames UK are for sale in store in most cities and online.  Getting the choice of frame you are looking for an be more time consuming that asking your local picture framer to make you up a photo frame. Camframe can make you cheap photo frames and at the exact size you need and … Continue reading “Cheap photo frames”