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Mouldings are constantly being discontinued with only the most popular securing market longevity.

Artists are quite punctilious customers when choosing mouldings for their own art but their favourites without a doubt are plain wooden frames.

Plain wooden frames are as popular today as they were 100 years ago. They are a safe choice for framing fine art paintings.

Perhaps the most popular wooden moulding for contemporary paintings on canvas or board is a thin wooden hockey moulding. Its profile is deep enough to cover the sides of a canvas and when viewed from the front will not distract a viewer’s appreciation of the painting.

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Looking for ready frames in Cambridge? Look no further. At Camframe we offer a comprehensive ready frame service ideal for individual frames and bulk framing jobs.

Our ready frame service includes the following.

  1. Ready frames
  2. Bespoke framing
  3. A2 poster frames
  4. A1 poster frames
  5. Wooden poster frames
  6. Black, white, grey and silver ready frames

Just give us a ring and get your ready frame made – even while you wait!

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Custom frames UK

So, here I am writing about poster frames. Great! I suppose someone has to. There is a subject for every goon! What can I say about poster frames apart from, Arguueee! 

The first thought that springs to mind is how large they are! And, of course how their long lengths, and indeed their short lengths, like a strong supporting embrace, serve no other purpose than to demarcate a boundary to stop a posters determination for global space domination getting out of hand! I mean, something has to stop them getting bigger!

Poster frames do just that. They put a stop to a poster increasing in size to the point that Spielberg inevitably is inclined to make a film about the invasion of the posters!

So, you see posters don’t require mounts.

Camframe will happily make you a poster frame. The great thing about poster frames is that, cheap really is cheerful, and so one doesn’t need an expensive moulding. We stock a good range of cheap black mouldings and if you are prepared to fit the dam poster yourself, then the price can..what’s an antonym for skyrocket!

Cheap poster frames

Poster frames

Posters do not come in standard sizes. Many posters do fit A2, A1 size frames but many don’t.

At Camframe we can cut you standard sized A1, A2 size poster frames and also cut frames to fit any poster frame size.

Limited edition posters, especially fine art posters are often printed in odd sizes.

Before ordering an online poster frame measure the exact size of the poster. If you cannot find a frame that is an exact fit, Camframe will cut one for you!

A3 poster frame

Picture frames online

A3 is double the size of A4. It is a popular frame size.
A3 size = 297 mm X 420 mm or 29.7 x 42.0cm or 11.69 x 16.53 inches.

There are no standard poster sizes.  Printed material can be printed to any size the client requires. The closest poster size to A3 is 11 x 17 inches. This will make it a bit too narrow and a bit to tall to fit an A3 sized ready frame.

As a professional picture framer I have come across this many times. The customer thinks that a poster sized print will fit into a standard A3 poster frame. They do look at quick glance to be the same size so its always good to check the measurements of your poster before buying a ready frame of A3 size.

The only solution apart from making a bespoke frame up is to cut a narrow surround mount, perhaps of an inch in width.  As a fix I always feel this is unsatisfactory. Posters are designed to have a non-fussy framing solution if they indeed are going to be framed at all.