5×7 picture frames

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A 5×7 picture frame is designed for today’s photos, the size 5×7 relating to the size of the window in the mount card and not the frame size. The overall frame size will depend on the width of the surrounding mount card.

Why not drop by to discuss your framing requirements and see how your 5×7 photos can be enhanced with our wide range of mouldings.

Top 4 tips to choose the perfect frame for your picture

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Bespoke framing can be both expensive and also reasonably priced depending on the choice of frame and the complexity of the framing method. It is important therefore to take time getting the right choice of frame. Below I will expand on the following;

  1. What is the message you are trying to convey about the framed piece?
  2. Is the artwork contemporary or traditional?
  3.  Where will it hang?
  4.  How much you want to spend?

Certificate frames Cambridge

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Framing a certificate is usually quite straight forward. Certificates usually sit very well in plain black, brown or wooden frames. There are several excellent elegant frames on the market, from very narrow plain frames to more ornate frames with gold or silver inlays.

White photo frames

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Before visiting a picture framer it is a good idea to have an idea of your budget. Picture frames vary in price wildly and the price difference between a thin black frame and an ornate moulding is enormous.

The cheapest frames are usually narrow, non-elaborate frames. A third of the cost of a finished frame is frame material costs.

Picture framers always have off-cuts of the cheapest range of frames in stock, so to keep the price down you could always ask the framer if they have any offcuts. This is like music to the framer’s ears. They are desperate to shift old stock and will run out the back to find a suitable off-cut, with an animated step you probably had not witnessed before! The cost of a frame can be reduced significantly by not including a surround mount card. A mount will increase the overall size of frames and consequently will determine how many lengths of moulding the framer will need to order. Some artworks demand no mount but most art on paper is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of a mount.

The framer is constantly managing old stock and new stock. Storage space is a premium and the framer needs to sell old stock as quickly as new stock is ordered in.

When a customer chooses a moulding that is not in stock the framer is more likely to make a loss or just break even. Framers make their money on using leftover stock and on large bulk orders.

Mouldings come in lengths of three metres and the framer has to manage where to store leftover stock and how to make some profit out of leftovers.

Until quite recently you could only buy mouldings in packs of multiple lengths, and so framers only offered a few mouldings. Today, suppliers sell single moulding lengths which means picture framers can now offer a greater range and save a few pennies to boot!

A3 clip frames

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Get to know your picture framer.

Picture framers are often moody, bearded, generally over-worked, under-paid and pernickety types (I speak for myself), but under an exterior layer of sweat and dust on their brows, on the whole, they are pretty genial characters. They spend their days alone in their workshops (let’s show some sympathy guys), so you don’t have to try too hard to convince them that its time for a chat. Establishing a good rapport is essential if you are to get the best price on a small job.

Camframe will cut A3 frames clip frames at a very reasonable price.

Custom picture frames

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Camframe should be your first port of call if you are looking for custom picture frames in Cambridgshire. We provide expert advice on all framing solutions.

If you are looking for bulk framing jobs, we can supply frames made-to-measure at very competitive rates. Just give us a ring to discuss your requirements.

Picture frames made to measure

Picture frames online

Asking your bespoke framer for made-to-measure frames.

When you think of ready-frames you do not immediately think about made to measure frames made by your local bespoke picture framer. How wrong can we be! Your local picture framer should be your first port of call. They should be only too happy to make you some ready frames. If they aren’t, never go back to them! It’s a simple equation!

The time taken in finishing a frame to the standards that customers demand, involves, cleaning the glass, taping it up, checking for dust, and that is all a time-consuming job. In fact, it’s probably 50% of the overall time taken.

Picture framers make much of their bread-and-butter money from bulk framing and often have plenty of mouldings left over. They should be only too pleased to make you a ready frame out of some offcuts and at a very reasonable price. If you go armed with a price of an equivalent frame you have seen online, they should be only too happy to match or undercut the price of online frames.

Another way to please your framer is to order multiple frames of the same size. This reduces their labour costs considerably. Take this into account when ordering your frames, you might be able to tinker with odd-sized images to make them all fit the same sized frame.

Picture framers buy moulding in lengths, (in the past they were forced to buy packs of lengths), but even today it involves a fair amount of wastage. The framer’s margins are small. They will calculate the moulding purchase cost and then calculate the time needed to make the frames to come up with a price. So ordering frames in quantities greater than single units is more cost-effective for the framer. With less waste and the lower unit cost, prices can fall.


So, in conclusion, if you are after a ready frame, instead of buying one online, first contact your local framer. If you encounter resistance, try another framer.

The best digital photo frames

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Digital photo frames can be bought online and in store. Small digital frames are cheap and are perfect for photos and a no-fuss approach.

Most bespoke framers have odd-shaped ready frames laying around or will be only too happy to make one up for you out of off-cuts.

Don’t be shy! Ask your framer to cut your digital photo frames. You will be able to choose from a wider range of mouldings and the frame will be finished to a higher standard than any off-the-shelf frame.

Framers are always looking for ways to get rid of old stock and will be happy to make a quick frame while you wait. Cheap custom frames like a small digital photo frame can be cut in under 5 min. Flexibility sits at the heart of the framer’s psyche, or at least it should. So ask your framer whether they have any off-cuts that might get the price down.

Many time during my years working as a professional framer I would suggest this option as a way of reducing costs if I felt that cost was a determining factor in whether the customer would pull out or go ahead with a job.

Picture framers depend on having a good rapport with their local community. They know that a happy customer is a repeat customer, and that bad reputation travels fast.

Cheap wooden photo frames UK

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There are many cheap wooden frames samples to choose from when you frame a picture. The hardwoods are more expensive but not by as much as one would think.

Hardwood mouldings are beautiful – fact!  The Oak frame we stock is supplied in several widths for all sized artworks. It does not need any further treatment, and just looks simply great on all types of framed pictures from photographs to fine art abstract paintings and sketches.

The cheaper and softer wood mouldings can be treated with a stain to darken their colour or limed to give a subtle off-white finish. These are produced in several depths and thicknesses.

Small picture frames

Picture frames online

Camframe can cut small picture frames to any sizes. Off-the-shelf small frames for photos can be bought cheaply, but cheap is often false economy when the quality of finish is exposed.

You pay for what you get. Cheap frames are produced cheaply using poor quality materials. Most cheap frames that claim to be wood are not, they are more often than not a composite of wood with a wood-like veneer. Nothing can compare to real wood.

Always get a quote from your local picture framers. A small frame cut by your local picture framer will last. Instead of making do with the standard-sized, standard-coloured mount cards of small ready frames why not try different coloured mounts and widths of mount card.

Any small deviation from the norm gives a picture its standing and uniqueness. With the cost difference being small it is almost a no brainer.