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It is uncommon for photographs to be printed on A4 size paper. A4 paper is, 297 mm X 210 mm. Certificates are often printed on A4 paper.

Camframe stocks a range of colourful and plain mouldings ideally suited to A4 size frames.  A3 is twice the size of A4 when the long sides are placed next to one another. Order your A4 frame from Picture framers Cambridge.

Need to frame a picture in Cambridge?

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There are fewer picture framers in Cambridge today than at any recent time. Retirement has seen to a few recently. Over 20 years of providing picture framing services within the city of Cambridge, Camframe looks forward to continuing to provide a complete bespoke framing service in Cambridgeshire for the foreseeable future.

Camframe is based at St Barnabas Press, a thriving artists printing and studio space. It’s the go-to place for advice on all framing solutions.

Certificate frames Cambridge

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Framing a certificate is usually quite straight forward. Certificates usually sit very well in plain black, brown or wooden frames. There are several excellent elegant frames on the market, from very narrow plain frames to more ornate frames with gold or silver inlays.

Graduation photography Cambridge

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Graduation photography framing. Choose from a great range of moulding samples for all Cambridge graduation photographs.

Glass cutting Cambridge

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Glass cut in Cambridge. We can supply art glass, non-reflective glass and standard frame glass in various thicknesses.

Large photo frames

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Any framer worth their gold leaf will be conversant with conservation framing methods. Knowing when to use a museum mount board or conservation mount card is essential to the picture framing craft. Picture framers should also understand how to protect valuable artworks from environmental damage; when extra crossbar supports are needed to strengthen a large stretcher frame, and what glass thickness to use with each moulding choice.

Large picture frames

Another important consideration when framing a large picture is the sturdiness of the moulding, and by that, I mean how secure a mouldings corner joints are when pinned and glued together. Will they be strong enough to support the combined weight of the picture plus glass?

A picture framer should know if the weight of a large finished frame will stress its corner joints. The bottom line is that large framed artworks need to be framed in mouldings with a wide profile so that the joints can be robustly secured with additional pins.

The type of wood also plays into it. Some softwood mouldings are not sturdy enough to support lateral movement when handling a large framed artwork and can result in the corner pins failing.

Lastly, the glass width must also be considered. There is a considerable difference in weight between 3 mills and 5 mills glass which can greatly impact the overall sturdiness of a frame.

Picture framers knowledge

If a framer doesn’t know his/her Picasso’s from his Shane Clark’s, whoever Picasso is, you should avoid their service! Handing a valuable work of art to a picture framer when the picture framer doesn’t know its value, is asking for trouble. Most professional picture framers should have insurance to cover the storage of valuable artworks, but if in doubt it is best to ask.

To test your framer let them lead you. If they seem confident with the framing language, if they talk about a mount card’s colour being too cool or overpowering, or make constructive comments about an artwork, or enquire about where the artwork will hang, you are probably in safe hands.

A3 clip frames

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Get to know your picture framer.

Picture framers are often moody, bearded, generally over-worked, under-paid and pernickety types (I speak for myself), but under an exterior layer of sweat and dust on their brows, on the whole, they are pretty genial characters. They spend their days alone in their workshops (let’s show some sympathy guys), so you don’t have to try too hard to convince them that its time for a chat. Establishing a good rapport is essential if you are to get the best price on a small job.

Camframe will cut A3 frames clip frames at a very reasonable price.

Ready frame places in Cambridge

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Looking for ready frames in Cambridge? Look no further. At Camframe we offer a comprehensive ready frame service ideal for individual frames and bulk framing jobs.

Our ready frame service includes the following.

  1. Ready frames
  2. Bespoke framing
  3. A2 poster frames
  4. A1 poster frames
  5. Wooden poster frames
  6. Black, white, grey and silver ready frames

Just give us a ring and get your ready frame made – even while you wait!

Ready frames Ely Cambridge

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Ely and Littleport ready frames. Camframe are situated in the hub of Cambridge and provide all framing services for Cambridge and surrounding cities and towns such as Ely and Littleport.

A short hop from Ely Cambridgeshire makes ordering a ready frame from Camframe a great option.

If driving in from Ely, though Littleport, Camframe are 5 min drive along Newmarket road, just of Coldhams lane. With free parking you can pick up a ready frame on any shopping trip to Cambridge.

Ely has very few options for ready frames. Give Camframe a ring, order a ready frame and drive by and pick it up when driving into Cambridge from Ely.

Picture frames made to measure

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Asking your bespoke framer for made-to-measure frames.

When you think of ready-frames you do not immediately think about made to measure frames made by your local bespoke picture framer. How wrong can we be! Your local picture framer should be your first port of call. They should be only too happy to make you some ready frames. If they aren’t, never go back to them! It’s a simple equation!

The time taken in finishing a frame to the standards that customers demand, involves, cleaning the glass, taping it up, checking for dust, and that is all a time-consuming job. In fact, it’s probably 50% of the overall time taken.

Picture framers make much of their bread-and-butter money from bulk framing and often have plenty of mouldings left over. They should be only too pleased to make you a ready frame out of some offcuts and at a very reasonable price. If you go armed with a price of an equivalent frame you have seen online, they should be only too happy to match or undercut the price of online frames.

Another way to please your framer is to order multiple frames of the same size. This reduces their labour costs considerably. Take this into account when ordering your frames, you might be able to tinker with odd-sized images to make them all fit the same sized frame.

Picture framers buy moulding in lengths, (in the past they were forced to buy packs of lengths), but even today it involves a fair amount of wastage. The framer’s margins are small. They will calculate the moulding purchase cost and then calculate the time needed to make the frames to come up with a price. So ordering frames in quantities greater than single units is more cost-effective for the framer. With less waste and the lower unit cost, prices can fall.


So, in conclusion, if you are after a ready frame, instead of buying one online, first contact your local framer. If you encounter resistance, try another framer.