Metal frames

Metal frames are generally about 30% more than your average frame price. Metal frames are ordered in, ready cut to the size of the picture. We do not stock them but have samples of metal frames that we can order. Metal frames are a good choice of frame for photograpic works that might be hung … Continue reading “Metal frames”

Bespoke framing

Bespoke framing! What does it mean? According to Wikipedia it is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification.

Framing drawings

Although drawings are traditionally mounted, they can also be floated or surface mounted. All delicate materials such as paper need to be kept away from the glass. The attractive edge of watercolor paper often demands exposure and floating and surface mounting are great options. In the case of floating watercolors a box frame solution is … Continue reading “Framing drawings”

Framing photographs

Black and white photographs usually demand either a black or white or silver frame. To introduce a colour into the frame or the mount only distract the eye and the viewer sight will be drawn towards the colour before the photograph and this is not good framing practice. A good picture framer will be aware … Continue reading “Framing photographs”