What is Rabbit skin glue

Rabbit skin glue is a rabbit collagen (Animal protein formed from the process of boiling the skin) It was traditionally used to protect the canvas from the damaging effect of an acid called linolenic acid contained in Oil Paint. Rabbit skin glue, also known as hide glue, is a traditional adhesive that has been used … Continue reading “What is Rabbit skin glue”

How to frame a drawing

Framing a drawing is a great way to preserve and showcase the artwork. Whether it’s a simple pencil sketch or an intricate pen and ink drawing, the right frame can enhance the overall appearance and add a professional touch. Here are some tips and considerations for framing drawings. The first step in framing a drawing … Continue reading “How to frame a drawing”

How to frame photographs

Framing photographs is an important aspect of displaying and preserving these memories. The right frame can help to enhance the visual appeal of a photograph and bring out its best features, while the wrong frame can distract from the photograph and take away from its overall aesthetic. When it comes to framing photographs, it is … Continue reading “How to frame photographs”