The ready made frame

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By far the cheapest way to get a picture framed is to buy a ready frame in store or online. Ready frames are produced in many standard sizes and mouldings.

All sounds rosy until you need to frame a picture that does not fit into any of the standard sized ready frames available online in the UK.

The customer is then forced to move into the more expensive bespoke framing service. The hike in price can be quite steep as framing pictures is a labour intensive trade.  The time it takes to finish a framed picture by sealing it up, hanging the artwork and preparing it in a perfect state for the customer can take 70% of the framers time.

Camframe can cut frames to the customers preferred size and moulding choice and at the same price as frames that do not fit that are often brought online and in store.

Just give us a ring with the exact size requirements and then pop back to pick it up. We can frame on the same day if we have the moulding choice in stock.