Cheap poster frames

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How long will my picture frame take to be done? Well, as long as it takes is the answer. You can get a framer to do the job in any timescale. You are the customer and they seem to be always right.

The picture framer often even if overloaded with work, is happy to go the extra mile to bring in a few extra pennies if they have your chosen molding in stock.

Of course requesting a bespoke service to be done immediately is way off the mark. A gentle but firm arm lock will do the job.

Framers will always talk about a two-week turnaround for most jobs. This is to do with the molding ordering cycle and how much of the previous orders are completed by the Friday.

I have never heard of a framer asking for more money to complete a job early but they will often highlight the impossibility of receiving the molding in time.

That is when the customers needs to exercise their own flexibility and choose a molding the framer says is in stock. At this point the two parties are so united in happiness that the only thing left is to set a wedding date!

Never take a complicated framing job to a framer and expect it to be done quick though. Framers know how long each job takes, how many pitfalls each involves and there is no way you can rush a complicated job and expect high standards. They tend to fall as the time left to complete a job narrows!