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Cheap poster frames
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So, here I am writing about poster frames. Great! I suppose someone has to. There is a subject for every goon! What can I say about poster frames apart from, Arguueee! 

The first thought that springs to mind is how large they are! And, of course how their long lengths, and indeed their short lengths, like a strong supporting embrace, serve no other purpose than to demarcate a boundary to stop a posters determination for global space domination getting out of hand! I mean, something has to stop them getting bigger!

Poster frames do just that. They put a stop to a poster increasing in size to the point that Spielberg inevitably is inclined to make a film about the invasion of the posters!

So, you see posters don’t require mounts.

Camframe will happily make you a poster frame. The great thing about poster frames is that, cheap really is cheerful, and so one doesn’t need an expensive moulding. We stock a good range of cheap black mouldings and if you are prepared to fit the dam poster yourself, then the price can..what’s an antonym for skyrocket!