How to survive framing a beautiful painting

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The perennial question is posed, How to survive framing a beautiful painting? The answer is, no one does!

When a beautiful painting passes by something stirs inside you that needs attention. It needs to be framed and one knows it, and one knows one has to survive it. But, what if great art doesn’t need framing? Does a beautiful landscape need painting? Or are only sullen, weak, unloved landscapes worthy of the sweat and paint of depiction?

I know a framer, he would frame your soul if he could. He doesn’t care if a painting needs a frame or not, he is a framer and bent to prove it. But, you see, he doesn’t ask the right questions, he doesn’t show compassion towards great art. Art, to him, is one large garbage-full of recycled nonsense and he doesn’t tell on good or bad art!

The canvas itself is a frame, it is where the artist’s vision is framed and the four walls of the canvas neatly package it into a shape. Why then do we frame it?

Frames, trees cut to stumps and polished and lathed into straitnesses metaphor the boundaries of our tolerance for true liberty and are complicit in subjugating the artist’s vision into an acceptable and conforming wall decoration.

You see, frames are imposers, rejected by true beauty, they seek nothing but the containment of vision. They seek nothing but to polish the egos of those who look at walls and think walls are their personal salvation.

If paintings were meant for walls then walls were meant for paintings. No painting of beauty can be trapped by a frame nor a wall and if that is true, no wall or frame can trap a painting of beauty. And if that is true, why even try?

Should great paintings only hang with frames on the walls of the artist’s imagination? I think so. Framing great art is like caging a hatchling seagull it will spend the rest of its existence in remission dreaming of being unframed.

Mediocre art, well that can be framed any day and cover the cracks in any argument or wall. Just a thought!