5×7 picture frames

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A 5×7 picture frame is designed for today’s photos, the size 5×7 relating to the size of the window in the mount card and not the frame size. The overall frame size will depend on the width of the surrounding mount card.

Why not drop by to discuss your framing requirements and see how your 5×7 photos can be enhanced with our wide range of mouldings.

How to measure a photo correctly

Custom frames UK

This is how you calculate the overall measurements of a frame. A simple guide for measuring a photo.

Lay your picture on a flat work surface and check it is square with a set square. Measure both the parallel and vertical sides and take the shortest measurement as your picture size.

To get the final window size you need to subtract 5 mils from both the top and sides.

The size of the frame is the sum of the size of the picture plus the width of its surrounding mount card, which by convention, is typically between 45 mils and 50 mils for an average-sized artwork.

Then add an extra 5 mil to the vertical measurement of the surrounding mount card to get the final size of the framed picture excluding the width of the moulding chosen.

Picture hanging system

Custom frames UK

Camframe can supply all frame hanging hooks and screws, wire and cord and advise on all picture hanging methods and systems.

Cheap picture frames

Custom frames UK

A picture frame is a decorative surround edge, usually made of wood that is used to present and protect artworks. Together with the mount and glass, it protects artworks from environmental damage. Examples of environmental damage are acid, damp, and light. Artworks stored under normal humidity conditions, away from light, and separated by acid-free paper will retain their pristine condition for longer.

Framing to preservation standards involves the creation of an acid-free sandwich that separates the artwork from the glass and exposure to acid.

Acid damage
Acid is a byproduct of the breakdown of lignin. Lignin is present as a binder in all wood. All mount card made from wood potentially contains residual quantities of Lignin. Today, most mount cards have been chemically treated to remove the lignin and are pH neutral. Manufactures guarantee that the core of white-core card will keep its whiteness for 25 years. Studies have suggested that today’s PH neutral mounts should last for up to 100 years without perceivable acid damage.

The tell-tale sign of acid damage is the appearance of brown staining of paper, the bevel edge of mount card loses its whiteness and paper becoming more brittle with age. Fortunately, these are things of the past; today all mount card is PH neutral.

Museum-grade mount card

Museum-grade mount card made of cotton fibre is truly acid-free, it is more expensive but will last much longer.

Black picture frames

Custom frames UK

Black picture frames are multi-purpose picture frame. Manufactured in a range of finishes and widths, from high gloss finishes to mat finishes, they are suited to framing black and white photographs, certificates and holiday snaps.

Perhaps the most pleasing on the eye is a plain wood moulding stained black and given a coat of wax. This results in a very attractive and personalized frame. Unlike high gloss black frames which scratch easily, stained frames can be retouched at any time and given a new lease of life.

Swept picture frames

Custom frames UK

You will be familiar with swept picture frames from your visits to museums. A traditional moulding type for paintings such as landscapes and also family photos. They would sit pretty incongruously on a modern work of art!

Swept frames are manufactured in standard sizes and because they have ornate corners they cannot be cut down.

Framed pictures uk

Custom frames UK

Looking to have a picture framed in the UK? I have just checked the prices for ordering a simple frame online. I made an order for a A4 frame in a simple white frame. Excluding VAT and delivery it came out at 45 UK pounds!!! Arguuueee!!!

To save money why not visit a local picture framer and ask for a like-for-like quote?

Another downside to ordering online is having to fit the picture oneself.

Picture frame sizes

Custom frames UK

Picture frames for sale online or in store are produced in a variety of standard picture frame sizes. These frames usually include a mount. The aperture of the mount is designed to fit standard photo sizes.

Standard sizes for A sized frames. A4 is standard writing paper size. Usually certificates are printed to this size so A4 will be suitable for any standard sized A4 frame.

  1. A6 = 148 X 105 MM
  2. A5 = 210 X 148 MM
  3. A4 = 297 X 210 MM
  4. A3 = 420 X 297 MM
  5. A2 = 594 X 420 MM
  6. A1 = 841 X 594 MM
  7. A0 = 1,189 x 841 MM

Frames in the UK are produced in other standardized sizes. The sizes below include a few square shaped frames which are often box frame types.

  1. 24 x 30 cm
  2. 30 x 40 cm
  3. 40 x 50 cm
  4. 50 x 50 cm
  5. 50 x 60 cm
  6. 50 x 70 cm
  7. 60 x 80 cm

The key to a successful online order is to measure your pictures accurately prior to completing your order. Make sure you are measuring in cm if the frame sizes are listed in cm. Once a frame is made it cannot be cut down to a smaller size and there is absolutely no way that it can be made larger!

If you are after a cheap certificate frame I would suggest that you ask your local picture framer to knock up a ready frame from off-cut mouldings.

Square picture frames UK

Custom frames UK

Even if your picture is square the picture framer will add an extra 5 mil to the width of the mount card at bottom of the picture. This is a common practice to stop the picture from optically appearing as if it were falling towards the viewer and to compensate for any imprecision in the cutting of the frame. When cutting a frame, framers allow enough wriggle-room for ease of putting together and taking apart. A common practice is to cut the frame a few mils larger than the sandwich of glass, mount card and backing board. The rebates of mouldings differ, some have a rebate of up to five millimetres. The picture when sitting in a frame will sit on the bottom length.  If the extra 5 mills are not added to the bottom of the mount card the mount will disproportionately lose width on the bottom, which will amplify the feeling that the frame is falling forwards the viewer.

Ready frame places in Cambridge

Custom frames UK

Looking for ready frames in Cambridge? Look no further. At Camframe we offer a comprehensive ready frame service ideal for individual frames and bulk framing jobs.

Our ready frame service includes the following.

  1. Ready frames
  2. Bespoke framing
  3. A2 poster frames
  4. A1 poster frames
  5. Wooden poster frames
  6. Black, white, grey and silver ready frames

Just give us a ring and get your ready frame made – even while you wait!