English language tuition Cambridge

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I am an English conversation teacher in Cambridge. Offering one-to-one conversation classes tailored to the need of each pupil.

Language fluency, in my experience come from lively interaction and not regimented lessons. You need to want to talk! My classes are focused on learning how the English speak, fluency and comprehension.

I am not a dentist, so I don’t like feeling like I am extracting teeth to get conversation going. If you like talking please give me a ring.  I can talk about anything. My prices are very competitive and timetables very flexible. No fixed times, have a lesson when you feel like it.

I am an intermediate Spanish speaker and spend a lot of time abroad so am very experienced over 20 years in conversation.

Call me on: 07874743536

I also provide support with proofreading, C.Vs, covering letters, job interviews etc.