Wooden frames for sale

Wooden frames


Wooden frames are ideal for framing fine art and are a popular frame choice. Hardwood moulding in oak and ash are perfect for all types of fine art.

Fine art oil paintings on canvas stretched on a stretcher frame are often framed with a simple wooden strip around the frame that is attached to the side of the canvas.

Another very attractive and also popular method to frame canvases is to place the canvas in an upside-down wooden box style frame. This method allows a space to be created between the canvas edge and the frame.

Softwood frames can be limed. Liming wax is a white wax that is rubbed into the open grain of the wood.

Liming is a great method to restore an old frame and bring it back to life. You could buy your own tin and use it to save money on old frames.  It will only work on untreated wood as the wax must penetrate into the grain of the wood. Apply it liberally working the wax into the grain pushing excess wax along to cover untreated areas.