Ready made frames for purchase

Ready made frames


Cambridge does not have a great many places to buy off-the-shelf ready frames. The frames that you can buy in my experience are not worth the money you pay. Yes for a small photo frame that will sit on the mantle-piece or desk they are perfect. For the larger artwork or photograph their poor quality of finish and base materials will be exposed quite quickly.

Ready frame box frames might look adequate when viewed online or in store but as soon as you take them home the corner finish and the cheap laminate that covers the synthetic core will be evident.  They are also not sturdy enough to withstand any heavy handling.

Bespoke framing is worth every penny as your frame will be made of wood. Here are some reasons to always choose to have a frame made instead of buying a ready frame.

  1. The corners will be expertly put together and secure enough to last a long time.
  2. Materials used will be PH neutral
  3. Wooden frames are much more aesthetically pleasing than polycore
  4. Save time as the framer will fit your picture and hand it over ready to be hung
  5. Much greater choice in moldings
  6. Have your frame made to the exact size you wish
  7. Know that your frame should last upward of 50 years
  8. Properly protect your picture from environmental damage.
  9. Your average frame cost Vs its lifetime guarantee works out at £1 per year!

Given that many of the pictures we choose to frame hold some sentimental or monetary value, it makes sense to protect them as best as possible and bespoke framing does that perfectly.

We can make you a ready frame.

Camframe can make your ready frames for you and to the exact sizes that you require. You can choose from a variety of moldings and fit the picture yourself. Our ready frames have flexy points at the back making opening up the frame and sealing again real easy. Prices will vary depending on the molding chosen but you can be confident that the frame will be a much better frame.