Picture framing ideas

icture framing ideas


Picture framing is not just about putting a picture in a frame, it’s about creating an imaginative and visually pleasing solution that enhances the artwork. There are a variety of picture framing ideas and imaginative solutions that can be used to create a unique and interesting display for artwork and photographs.

One of the most popular picture framing ideas is the use of matting. Matting is a material that is placed around the artwork to create a border, and it is available in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Matting can be used to complement the colors in the artwork, to create a contrast, or to create a theme. For example, using a natural-colored matting can create a rustic feel, while using a bright colored matting can create a modern and contemporary feel.

Another popular picture framing idea is the use of multiple openings. This involves using a single frame and matting but creating multiple openings to display multiple artworks or photographs. This can be done by using a collage matting or by creating multiple windows within the frame. This can be a great solution for displaying a collection of artworks or photographs, or for displaying a single artwork in different ways.

Another imaginative solution is the use of shadow boxes. A shadow box is a type of frame that is designed to display three-dimensional objects, such as collectibles, artifacts, or textiles. Shadow boxes can be used to create a dramatic and interesting display, and they can be customized to suit the object being displayed. They can also be used to create a theme, such as an underwater scene, a garden, or a vintage atmosphere.

Another imaginative solution is the use of floating frames. A floating frame is a type of frame that is designed to give the illusion that the artwork is floating within the frame. This is achieved by using a clear or translucent matting and by mounting the artwork on a clear or translucent backing board. Floating frames can be used to create a sense of depth and movement, and they can be used to display a variety of artworks, such as watercolors, prints, and photographs.

An additional idea is the use of non-traditional frames, this can include using unconventional materials such as metal, wood, or even found objects to frame your artwork. This can create a unique and interesting display that is both visually pleasing and memorable.