Framing Cambridge united football shirts

Framing Cambridge united football shirts


Camframe offers an expert football shirt framing service at very competitive prices. We are experienced in all football shirt framing methods and guarantee that you take away a beautifully finished product.

Framing football shirts is a time-consuming task. The first consideration will be how to fold the football shirt’s sleeves. This will determine the overall size of the finished frame. The most common method is to double over the sleeves of the shirt, tucking them in slightly.

Once the method is agreed upon the next step is to decide on the choice of moulding. Football shirts are boxed framed to keep the football shirt away from the glass.

There are two basic framing procedures.

  1. Surrounding the shirt with a mount of roughly 2 inches in width. This mount sits at the front of the frame pressed against the glass. It creates the illusion that one is looking through a window at the shirt. This is a very attractive method as the mount casts a shadow around the shirt which enhances its depth and three-dimensionality.

2. Mounting the shirt on a coloured mount card and using spacers of the same colour to keep the shirt away from the glass.

Deap box frame mouldings are not produced in the wide range of mouldings that regular frames are, but they are manufactured in all the prime colours, and black, white and grey. 

The customer will often have a colour preference for the surrounding mount, although they may on occasion have to be encouraged away from making an unsympathetic choice.

The price of framing football shirts is dictated by the overall size of the frame and the time taken to complete it. The client might wish to include a plaque or a dedication at the bottom of the mount card. This will require a second window to be cut into the surrounding mount which will increase the overall size of the frame.

To reduce the overall weight of the picture frame the framer will advise on which moulding will make the most sturdy frame and what thickness of glass should be used.