Choosing the right ready frame

Choosing the right ready frame


Is it easy to choose the wrong frame when buying picture frames online?
This question was posed to me recently and the answer is more complex than a simple yes or no! It really depends on what size of frame, what budget and if you have a very good idea of the type of molding you are after.

For example, framing a certificate is pretty straight forward. There are a few standard frames that are conditioned by convention and norms of presenting certificates and that makes it pretty straight forward decision. Gold wooden frames are very suitable, for example. Certificates are usually printed onto A4 paper and standard sized frames are as common as mud online!

Then there are black and white photographs and they are perfectly suited to black, white or silver frames and they are easy enough to source.

Choosing the right frame online is more problematic for fine art paintings and large pictures or photos.  These will require a more robust molding, not only to support the weight of glass and artwork, but also because size usually dictates for reasons of balance the need for a wider molding type.

You can get away with poor molding choices on small pictures, especially if you take the conservative route and stick to plain moldings. The problem arises when you are about to spend well over £100 on a frame choice and you don’t want to get it wrong!

Framing can be expensive, there are some very wonderful ornate and beautifully made frames and they do not come cheap.  Ordering one of these frames online can be a daunting prospect.  It would be far better to go to your local framer and to take time making the right choice.

Your local framer will not stock samples all of the frames under the sun but they usually have the major suppliers catalogs on hand to browse through.

Ask the framer to send for a sample and arrange to return to check the molding against your artwork.  It is always best not to be in a rush.  The picture framer will be only too happy to take time getting it right as they also do not want to buy in several lengths of the most expensive molding on earth to find that it is not what you are looking for.

In my experience it is the artwork that will always choose its own frame and that becomes evident when the customer and the framer put their heads together to help a solution to reveal itself. Team work will always come up with something, so work with the framer to go through and eliminate options.