Buy ready made picture frames

The ready made frame


It is true, frames bought online are cheaper than bespoke framing solutions, and are also produced in many standard sizes and a variety of mouldings. However, you will not find a non-standard-sized ready frame for a non-standard-sized picture, and will have to use a bespoke framing service. Picture framing is a labour-intensive business and prices are higher. Actually, cutting a frame doesn’t take long. Cutting a mount, cleaning the glass, taping up, inspecting for dust, removing dust, taping the picture into the mount, filling corners, etc, takes the time, and probably amounts to about 70% of the total time needed to finish a frame properly.

There is another solution though. Camframe will cut your ready frames to your specs and at an equivalent price to frames brought online. We also provide a same day framing service depending on whether we have the moulding in stock.