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The most common poster sizes for poster and print frames are 16′ x 24′ and 18′ x 24′. Fine art posters and limited edition prints are rarely printed to standard sizes. There are various poster frame sizes, so always measure your poster before ordering a poster frame online.

Standard Poster Frame Sizes

Poster frames are just simple frames designed to protect a poster and a surrounding mount is often not really necessary. Many posters have white surrounding borders that separate the image from the frame and set the poster off.

Poster And Print Frames

Important things to consider:

  1. If you are framing an off-the-shelf poster to spice up your bedroom a cheap standard-sized composite poster frame will suffice, but if your poster is a non-standard size, you will need to consult your picture framer.
  2. The larger the poster, the sturdier the frame you will need to support the weight of glass. If you intend to hang a poster in a child’s bedroom, always request acrylic glass.
  3. If your poster is a collectable and has monetary or sentimental value its preservation is probably important to you, so always ask for high-quality archival framing materials and even pay the extra arm and a leg for UV glass. Today, acid-free materials are industry standard, but it’s always worth asking your picture framer.
  4. At Camframe, we can cut both standard size poster frames and bespoke poster frame sizes.

Removing creases from a poster

Old posters often end up as wrinkled as we all do with age. Like the magic of Botox, you can remove any unsightly creases by glueing your poster down. Again, it all comes down to it’s value. One of the golden rules of maintaining the value of a work of art or poster is not to do anything irreversible.