Buy antique picture frames

Antique picture frames


Don’t throw an antique frame away! Ask your picture framer if anything can be done to restore it. It may be the case that it is beyond repair, but there is no harm in asking.

In the past picture frames were put together by nail and glue and with the passing of time often the corners are left only hanging on by a nail or two and a whim and a prayer!

Your picture framer will take the frame apart, clean up the corners and if necessary take a slice of a damaged length and pin it back together.

If the corners are seriously damaged the framer may cut further into the moulding. Although you will end up with a smaller frame, you can always use it to frame another artwork. The moral of the story is, never throw antique frames away, they can always be brought back to life. Old mouldings are irreplaceable!

There are many ways to reuse antique picture frames, whether you are looking to repurpose an old frame that you already have or you are looking to purchase one at a flea market or thrift store. Here are a few ideas for how you can give an antique picture frame a new lease on life:

  1. Use the frame to display a favorite photo or artwork: An antique picture frame can be a beautiful way to showcase a special photo or piece of art. You can remove the old backing and matting and replace them with new materials to create a fresh, modern look.
  2. Use the frame as a decorative element: Even if you don’t have a specific photo or artwork to display, you can still use an antique picture frame as a decorative element. Hang it on the wall empty or fill it with a collection of small, interesting objects.
  3. Turn the frame into a mirror: If the frame is large enough and in good condition, you can remove the backing and replace it with a mirror. This is a great way to add a touch of vintage charm to a bathroom or entryway.
  4. Use the frame as a shadow box: If the frame has a deep enough profile, you can use it as a shadow box to display small objects or mementos. You can create a theme, such as a collection of seashells or vintage postcards, or simply fill it with a variety of interesting items.
  5. Repurpose the frame into a different type of art: If you are feeling creative, you can use the frame as a canvas for a different type of art. For example, you could paint a scene or design directly onto the frame, or you could use the frame as a base for a mosaic or collage.
  6. Use the frame as part of a larger display: An antique picture frame can be a great addition to a gallery wall or a collection of vintage pieces. You can mix and match different frames to create a cohesive look, or use the frame to add visual interest to an otherwise dull wall.
  7. Sell or donate the frame: If you don’t have a use for the frame, you can consider selling it or donating it to a thrift store or a charity. Someone else might be able to give the frame a new home and appreciate its antique charm.

Overall, there are many ways to reuse antique picture frames, whether you want to display a photo or artwork, use the frame as a decorative element, or repurpose it into something entirely new. With a little creativity and imagination, you can give an old frame a new life and add a touch of vintage charm to your home.