Bespoke Mount Cutting

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Camframe can cut one-off single and multiple window mounts. We stock a comprehensive range of mount card and may even be able to cut a mount while you wait, how great is that!

Mount cutting is not something that can be done at home. Mounts come to life when their bevelled edges are cut with precision and their corners are free of the unsightly overrun cuts.

Mount cutters need to be regularly re-calibrated. This is done by cutting a few test windows and checking to see if the blade has overrun in the corners.

The devil is always in the corners. A well-cut mount will not overrun in the corners by more than just a few mills. If you see cut marks of a centimetre or more you should point it out to the framer and ask them to re-cut the mount for you. Their reputation is hanging by that centimetre.

Mount cutting is not difficult, you just need good equipment and a sharp blade and above all high-standards.