Enhancing the art

You should aim to choose a frame that will enhance your art piece but not detract from it. Take your time to try different corner samples against your artwork. You will know when a frame ‘works’ because it will look right and ‘in balance’ i.e. you don’t want a very wide red frame to go … Continue reading “Enhancing the art”

Museum grade mountcard

All today’s picture framers materials are Acid free. This was not the case in the past and evidence of this is in the yellowing of old mounts and paper artworks turning brittle and crumbling. This is Acid at work. The acid free materials all modern picture framers use are acid free and guaranteed to ward … Continue reading “Museum grade mountcard”

Picture frame

A picture frame is a decorative surround edge, usually made of wood that is used to enhance and protect an artwork. Together with the mount and glass they are there to protect exhibited artworks from environmental damage. Examples of environmental damage are acid, damp and light. Artworks that are stored under normal humidity conditions away … Continue reading “Picture frame”

Bespoke framing

Bespoke framing! What does it mean? According to Wikipedia it is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification.