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Choosing a frame

Wooden picture frames are ideal for framing fine art and are a popular frame choice. Hardwood molding in oak and ash are perfect for all types of fine art.

Fine art oil paintings on canvas are often framed with a simple wooden strip around the stretcher frame. This can be attached to the side of the canvas.

Another very attractive and also popular method to frame canvases is to place the canvas in an upside down wooden box style frame. This method allows a space to be created between the canvas edge and the frame. By using the frame upside down makes it easier to secure the canvas to the rebate.

There are custom frame moldings that are designed to achieve this effect but are manufactured in only a few colours and depths.

It is also very popular today not to frame at all. This might mean that the you only need to have the canvas stretched. A competent picture framer will be able to stretch the canvas so that only 3 mill of artwork runs around the edge on the side of the frame.

If the sides of canvas painted area are parallel then this is easy. If they are not, and this is often the case, then it is impossible to stretch the canvas so that equal widths of painted areas are seen on each side. In this case you might be forced to accept an uneven distribution of the painting along the edges, stretch the canvas so that the image covers the edges completely or have the canvas framed.

When the framer measures the canvas they will look to see if the edges are parallel. This can only be done by measuring one side of the painted area and looking along that edge to find where it varies.

Remember the framer is there to find solutions to every eventuality and they can easily be asked to paint the sides of the stretched canvas for you.