Photo Frames UK

Large photo frames

Large decorative picture frames can be sourced online but if you are looking for a unique moulding profile you will need to consult with your local picture framer.

They have supplier’s catalogues and should be only too happy to browse through them with you, and what’s more, they can order a sample so you can test it next to your artwork. You will be surprised how many mouldings framers don’t stock or display.

Swept frames are produced in standard sizes and cannot be cut down to fit non-standard sizes!

The cheapest way to source antique mouldings is from flea markets and car boot sales. With a few friendly smiles directed at your local picture framer, you can turn them into modern shabby chic frames.

So, the frame you purchased at a flea market should cost you no more than five bob, but the corners are as open as the English channel. Take the frame along to a local picture framer, and ask them to re-cut the corner joints and put the frame back together. That should cost no more than ten pounds.

Now that the frame has been put back together and is sturdy, give it an undercoat and a final finish with a coat of acrylic matt or gloss paint. To give the frame a contemporary feel I would suggest the use of strong and bright colours. There you have it, a pricey frame hanging on your wall for under twenty pounds. Shuu, don’t tell!