5×7 picture frames

The 5×7 picture frame is designed for today’s photos. The size 5×7 is the size of the opening in the mountcard and not the frame size. The overall frame size will differ depending on the mountcard width surrounding the opening. The beauty of having your frames cut to fit 5×7 at Camframe is that you get to … Continue reading “5×7 picture frames”

Picture hanging system

Camframe can supply all frame hanging hooks and screws, wire and cord and advise on all picture hanging methods and systems.

Cheap picture frames

A picture frame is a decorative surround edge, usually made of wood that is used to enhance and protect an artwork. Together with the mount and glass they are there to protect exhibited artworks from environmental damage. Examples of environmental damage are acid, damp and light. Artworks that are stored under normal humidity conditions away … Continue reading “Cheap picture frames”

Black picture frames

Black picture frames are one of the most multi-purpose picture frame used today. They are manufactured in a range of finishes and widths, from high gloss finishes to mat wood stained finishes. Black frames are a perfect choice for framing black and white photographs of all subject matter, certificates and most holiday snaps too. Don’t be … Continue reading “Black picture frames”

Ornate picture frames

There are many reasons that you might like to buy an Ornate picture frame. When I talk about ornate frames I am referring to swept frames that might resemble frames found in museums. These types of frames would look pretty incongruous on a modern painting but work well when the painting is painted in a style that … Continue reading “Ornate picture frames”

Framed pictures uk

Looking to have a picture framed in the UK? I have just checked the prices for ordering a simple frame online. I made an order for a A4 frame in a simple white frame. Excluding VAT and delivery it came out at 45 UK pounds!!! Arguuueee!!! Thais pretty expensive isnt it! I would suggest you … Continue reading “Framed pictures uk”

Picture frame sizes

The picture frames you can buy online or in store come in a variety of standard picture frame sizes. These frames usually include a mount. It is the aperture size of the mount that is cut to fit standard photo sizes. Standard sizes for A sized frames. A4 is standard writing paper size. Usually certificates … Continue reading “Picture frame sizes”

Square picture frames uk

Square picture frames are a very attractive format for framing.  Obviously photographs or artworks need to be square! Your picture framer however should add an extra 5 mil to the mount at bottom of the picture. This is common procedure for two reasons. Framing needs to have wriggle-room to allow the glass and artworks to … Continue reading “Square picture frames uk”

Ready frame places in Cambridge

If you are looking for ready frames in Cambridge, there is no need to look further than Camframe. We offer a complete ready frame service for individual frames and bulk framing jobs. Our ready frame service includes the following. Ready frames Bespoke framing A2 poster frames A1 poster frames Wooden poster frames Black, white, grey … Continue reading “Ready frame places in Cambridge”

Ready frames Ely Cambridge

Ely and Littleport ready frames. Camframe are situated in the hub of Cambridge and provide all framing services for Cambridge and surrounding cities and towns such as Ely and Littleport. A short hop from Ely Cambridgeshire makes ordering a ready frame from Camframe a great option. If driving in from Ely, though Littleport, Camframe are … Continue reading “Ready frames Ely Cambridge”

Cheap poster frames

How long will my picture frame take to be done? Well, as long as it takes is the answer. You can get a framer to do the job in any timescale. You are the customer and they seem to be always right. The picture framer often even if overloaded with work, is happy to go … Continue reading “Cheap poster frames”

Picture framers directory

Calling all picture framers! There is a new picture framers directory for the UK which I have discovered. It looks like a dedicated picture framers directory has finally arrived. Picture framers UK I listed my business really easy. I like the Geo Location that it has with exact markings for location of my business. There … Continue reading “Picture framers directory”

The ready made frame

By far the cheapest way to get a picture framed is to buy a ready frame in store or online. Ready frames are produced in many standard sizes and mouldings. All sounds rosy until you need to frame a picture that does not fit into any of the standard sized ready frames available online in … Continue reading “The ready made frame”

Ready frames online

Finding ready frames online is pretty easy today, but getting the frame cut to your exact size requirement is not. Call now to get your ready frames cut to the size you need. At Camframe we will cut you ready frames at the exact sizes that you order and the exact quantity for a great … Continue reading “Ready frames online”

Cheap photo frames

Cheap photo frames UK are for sale in store in most cities and online.  Getting the choice of frame you are looking for an be more time consuming that asking your local picture framer to make you up a photo frame. Camframe can make you cheap photo frames and at the exact size you need and … Continue reading “Cheap photo frames”