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Choosing a frame for a painting

Choosing a frame for a painting is an art. As soon as you think you know what you want as a frame the sooner you will be confounded when you actually try frame samples against your artwork.

Of course choosing a frame forĀ a certificate or a black and white photograph is easier. Black and white photographs dictate a more limited framing choice, basically to white, cream or black. Framing a certificate falls within certain norms of framing moulding choice. Usually a thin, black, gold or thin ornate silver frame will work well.

Choosing a frame for a fine artwork is more tricky. Each artwork requires original and unique framing solutions. It is also necessary to decide on what you are trying to say with your framing choice.

Is it a modern artwork, is it cutting edge, do you wish to make a large or more discreet statement about the artwork? All these questions will be answered as soon as you enter into a dialogue with the artwork by testing out mount colours and frames.

Of course it is also important to know where the artwork will hang. How you will transport it if it becomes too large to fin in your average car and lastly how much you wish to spend.